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Hyperfit News: OMHA CHAMPIONS!

Hyperfit would like to take a minute to congratulate some major accomplishments by two phenomenal young teams that have been training with Hyperfit extensively over the years!! (Pictured first) Just this past week the Novice AA Georgina Blaze were crowned Kings when they won the OMHA Championship! This team has been working very hard on and off ice and put together a great season and are ever deserving of their title. We wish them the best of success moving forward and are preparing to see them for training soon!

Next up we would like to put the spotlight on the Novice AAA Markham Waxers, who after a valiant effort recieved the Silver Medal in their respective OMHA Championships! This is a great young team with some phenomenal kids and though they were not first this is a great accomplishment! We are extremely proud of them and they will be walking with their heads high vying for the trophy next season! Watch out!!

2014/2015 Georgina Blaze (As pictured above)

2014/2015 Markham Waxers (As pictured above)

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