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The High Performance Program is directed towards dedicated athletes who possess a high level of athletic ability and are committed to improving their level of conditioning and overall performance. Our HP Program is used amongst all of our Pro and Jr. Players.


Our comprehensive HP program includes:                                                                                 


We are pleased to continue to run our successful Elite Jr. & Pro program, and we are exctied to have revamped the program for this summer and moving forward. 
*Highlighted in red are new pieces to the program this year!

Program Details

  • 75 Hours of hockey specific workouts encompassing:

    - Plyometrics

    - Weight Training

    - Circuit Training

    - Core & Flexibility

  • Fitness Testing
  • 15+ Hours of Track Workouts
  • 15 Hours of Yoga
  • Nutritional Counselling



  • Athletic Therapy
  • Protein Supplementation
  • 1 Extra Track Workout


  • Hyperfit High Performance Training Center


  • Program begins April 18th, 2016


Recover from last season, build for next season


 The High Performance Program follows the principles of Periodization established by Dr. Tudor Bompa. Proper planning of workouts enable athletes to peak at optimal times by manipulating six different training phases: ANATOMICAL ADAPTATION, HYPERTROPHY, MAXIMUM STRENGTH, CONVERSION TO POWER, MAINTENANCE, AND TRANSITION. 







The Hypertrophy phase of the HP Program focuses on High Rep - Low Weight excercises. Hypertrophy is designed for maximum growth and explosiveness through training fast-twitch muscle fibers.




The Maximum Strength phase of the HP Program gears players up for their last stage of preperation before the season. Large gains in strength are accumulated through Low Rep - Heavy Weight excercises.

The Converstion To Power phase is focused on transforming that quickness and growth found in Hypertrophy into a more solidified and powerful base. Players are expected to stay just as agile as before however more powerful. Power can be illustrated via the first few strides a player has when taking off.


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